TG Story

Tara Gerard FounderFounded by Tara Gerard in 2008, TG was born in the golden state of California where holding fast to your dreams often means the difference between major success and mediocrity.  A self-made fashion entrepreneur, TG is a direct reflection of Tara's dedication and devotion to making her own dreams a reality.  At 15 with no money, just scissors, a needle and thread, Tara began steadily building her wardrobe and her client base one garment at a time. Today, her endless pursuit of the finest designer clothes, shoes, handbags and accessories has her providing exclusive designs to some of the most influential athletes, businessmen and media moguls around the world.


"Every day is a chance to grow our potential, and at TG we believe that fine clothing is less an investment in your wardrobe, and more an investment in your future, your success, and yourself."


Fashion is an endless pursuit of self-discovery, expression, quality, and excellence.  As an artist and designer, Tara has spent the better part of her life blending the finest materials with the boldest accessories to create chic ensembles that whisper seductively classic, while paying homage to the finest artists and artisans around the world.  We believe in rewarding hard work with quality, service and attention to detail, placing you at the top of your game.

Generosity is the lifeblood of success both at work and at home, and it is this very spirit of giving back that best defines the TG man.  Life follows inspiration, giving shape to the dreams we work hard to create.  At TG, every client is given the opportunity to participate in our Suit Off Your Back exchange program that donates existing items to a charitable cause and qualifies TG customers for a credit on new orders.  We have established partnerships with national organizations that focus on helping out-of-work men and women look their best to help them land new jobs and get back on their feet.


 TG-Private-Label Custom-Suit TG-Private-Label Custom-Suit   TG-Private-Label Custom-Suit TG-Private-Label Custom-Suit


"We depend on one another for growing our success, so extending the suit-off-your-back to those in need is a win-win for both our clients, and our future."