Meet the Founder Tara Gerard

Tara Gerard

Born and raised in sunny Southern California, I grew up spending a lot of days at the beach and then as I grew into a young lady, the sandy ground turned into pavement... with a lot of people and buildings... otherwise called Hollywood.

That's right, I spent the first few years of my adult life making commercials and horror films. Then, Summer of 2003 I became one of the winners of Fox's Paradise Hotel. With my winnings, I bought a sweet little Capuchin monkey and traveled the world searching for my fairy tale. Oh, and I also donated to a few different charities that touch my heart. Thanks Fox Network! Helping others and giving back is the real gift.

In 2008, I awakened my passion for fashion and decided to dive into men's clothing, so I started my company TG Private Label designing custom suits for the NHL and MLB. Some of my designs have graced the red carpet for events such as movie premieres, The CMT Awards, The ESPYS and many more.

In 2021, I became a board member of OC Fashion Week and also a partner and co-owner of Babes Who Create... a full service experiential marketing and media company with communities of female content creators all across the nation.

I live for having fun and think it's so important to never stop chasing the fun! Which is how my newest venture was born. A fun and unique lifestyle brand called Chasing the Fun. My dream is to help women find their fun! Something mom passed on to me and I hope to pass this on to you.

About 10 years ago, I met my prince charming... Nicodemus, a Swedish architect who swept me off my feet. No literally, he did, because we've been living between here (California) and Stockholm, Sweden for nearly a decade. After a long heartbreaking fertility journey, we were blessed with our precious miracle daughter Vienna and I finally found my fairy tale. I've learned a lot in my lifetime and want to share experiences, fun tips and fashion, here at... CHASING THE FUN.

My life really starts now... join me in this journey, won't you?